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Oman Trailbuilders



Oman Trailbuilders (OTB) is a Trail Building group for Oman, which aims to build, maintain and develop mountain biking trails in Muscat area. The current team consists of a group of young professionals, Omani and expatriates, fully prepared to take advantage of their combined skills in support of MTB in the Sultanate of Oman. The current team proven and more than sufficient experience to build and develop multi-purpose mountain trails, which are primarily concerned with the advancement of sports in general and mountain biking in particular. The team has practical experience in preparing and organizing races as well.

Summary of Trails in Muscat Region 


 Oman Trailbuilders (OTB) is a “non-profit” group that is interested in developing mountain biking as a hobby, competitive sport, and promoting Oman as a tourism destination.  OTB was formed in 2017.

We aim to take advantage of our extensive knowledge of what it takes to build a single or wide trail to suit all groups, from beginners to professionals. The designs of these trails show the aesthetics of the terrain of Oman, which is a remarkable attraction for athletes from outside and inside the Sultanate. MTB is getting more popular in Oman and it is supported by the increasing number of participants in all races organized by the OTB team since 2017. Since then, mountain biking has been significantly promoted through our social networking sites. We hope to move forward to build a strong base for advancing mountain biking in Oman.

Among the team's Award achievements as of 2020:

OTB Establishing more than 20 trails, with a length of more than approximately 70 km, at a level of various difficulties.
OTB Coordination with other MTB teams outside Muscat to establish their own mountain trails in Ibri, Ibra and Izki.
OTB Construction of 7 trails for children in Al Khoud, Qantab, Hamriyah, Halban, Falaj AlSham and Bawshar.

Map Searched, mapped and developed multiple new routes, see the list of trails currently available in Muscat Region:

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OTB Contribution and support in defining and building trails for competitions at the local level in Oman:

  • Frontier Epic (2017) in Saleel village.
  • RedBull Titan of the hill (2017) in Wakan village.
  • RedBull Titan of the hill (2018) in Misfat Al-Abriyin.
Redbull Oman

    OTB Race More than 20 races have been organized by Oman Trailbuilders (15 races were organized in coordination with the Omani Cycling Committee). Checkout the race calendar and stay updated with the past and upcoming races.

    MapMapped and registered all local trails in Trail Forks, see map of Trails 

    Muscat Trails by OTB on



    OTBKeep up-to date, with the latest events & happenings, explore new trails, volunteer and help us in building and maintaining the trails. Join our WhatsApp group via Group Join link Oman Trailbuilders


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    Oman Trailbuilders Oman Trailbuilders Oman Trailbuilders