CERAMICSPEED Chain Lube UFO Drip New Formula | 180 ml R2

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The engineers at Ceramicspeed have spent three years tinkering to develop the best chain lubricant in the world. After countless laboratory and field tests, the UFO Drip chain lubricant, a mixture of wax, trace oils and friction modifiers, is the result.
The main goal was to significantly reduce friction in the drive train. New chains in particular usually have a very sticky layer that quickly attracts dirt and water and thus prevents the chain from working.
Strictly speaking, the UFO Drip is not a lubricant, but a coating. Still liquid when applied, it hardens to a completely dry layer and allows foreign particles to bounce off, which lead to increased friction and higher wear. According to Ceramicspeed, the driver saves between 2 and 5 watts of power when using it. In addition, the service life of the drive train has been demonstrably extended by up to 40%.
It requires a little patience to use. The chain should first be cleaned and dried thoroughly and between use and the next ride the lubricant has to harden for about 8 hours in order to be able to develop its full effect. The UFO Drip is especially interesting for racing drivers who prepare for a race precisely. But the hobby driver also benefits from the advantages if he takes the time to maintain the chain. For the first use, a consumption of approx. 7-8 ml is recommended, for each subsequent application approx. 5 ml, whereby one bottle is sufficient for over 35 applications. In dry and clean weather conditions, the applications of the chain lubricant should be repeated every 300 km and in wet weather every 200 - 250 km.

Technical specifications:

intended use : for maximum performance in bike races
Weather conditions: ideal for dry weather conditions but can also be used in wet conditions (5 ° - 35 ° C)
Oil type: Mixture of wax, trace oils and friction modifiers (non-toxic and biodegradable)
Container: dropper bottle
Capacity: 180 ml

CERAMICSPEED Chain Lube UFO Drip  New Formula | 180 ml  R2