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- CONTINENTAL tire ´´Mountain King´´
- Wire, 180TPI, black
- High adhesion to the substrate thanks to the grip-resistant central and outer studs.
- At the Research & Design department of Continental in Korbach, Germany is a permanent search for the solution to an old problem:
- The rolling properties of the rubber of a bicycle tire are mainly determined by three different factors: grip, rolling resistance and service life.

The dilemma:
- Improving one characteristic often comes at the expense of another.
- A tire with a lot of grip wears out faster and rolls slower.
- But if the tire has to become faster, or has to last longer, this is at the expense of the grip.
- A very good compromise has already been reached with the current, highly advanced silica gel-based technology.
- However, the engineers were not yet satisfied.
- They broke new ground and achieved a breakthrough in the composition of the mixture:
- BlackChili compound is the name of the material for the tread,
- based on the latest knowledge of natural materials and polymers.