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  • Bundle containing 15 x 20ml Crampfix QuickFix Shot sachets (5 x Lemon, 5 x Raspberry, 5 x Expresso) and a pack of VPoint Leisure elastic shoe laces, which are perfect for runners or triathletes.
  • WHAT IS CRAMPFIX?: CrampFix is a supplementary sports food that includes a proprietary formula which helps high performing sports people to achieve their performance goals. The all natural, vegan formula has a specific blend of astringency and pH level that provides reliable and rapid relief from muscle cramps by quenching neuro muscular fatigue.
  • HOW TO USE CRAMPFIX: CrampFix is easy to use! Simply drink and just swirl around the inside of your mouth and discard. It’s safe to swallow but not necessary to work! WARNING – the taste is VERY strong! We’ve tried to make it as pleasant as possible without compromising the effectiveness of the formula. You do get used to it with frequent use.
  • FOR USE BOTH BEFORE AND DURING EXERCISE: As well as taking before your event as a prevention against leg / calf cramping, unlike many other products Crampfix can be taken during exercise when you start feeling the onset of cramp. The quick absorption means it has found by athletes to be more effective than tablets, cream, gel, lotion or pickle juice.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS, SAFE & CLEAN: All natural, no additives, no preservatives, no chemicals, no colours. Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Vegan. Informed Sport Accredited. Every batch is tested for banned substances for athletes’ assurance. Espresso has 7mg Caffeine. Perfect for all sports; Ideal for triathlons, marathon runners, ironman / 70.3, ultra, cyclists, rugby, basketball, soccer, hockey, weight-lifters, surfers, tennis, cricket, marshal arts, dance and anybody doing strenuous exercise.

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