DT Swiss Pro Lock Brass Nipple 2.0mm (BC)

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Technical Information:

Application: MTB, Road, City & Touring
Material: brass
Diameter: 2.0 mm
Lengths: 12, 14 or 16 mm


- DT Pro Lock® increases the lifespan of a wheel
- contains an integrated screw locking system
- two-component adhesive in the nipple thread prevents the spoke-nipple connection from loosening due to the operating load and thus ensures consistent spoke tension
- can be used with all wheels where reliability, safety and load capacity are required
- square-milled
- ultralight
- suitable for mechanical and manual wheel construction
- patent pending
- 100 % swiss made


DT Pro Lock®:
In the Pro Lock® process, a patented two-component adhesive fluid is injected into the nipple thread, resulting in an extremely durable wheel design. By screwing the nipple onto the spoke, the adhesive is activated and begins to harden. With Pro Lock®, the wheel can be re-tightened at any time with only a slight reduction in the screw-locking function.
DT Swiss Pro Lock Brass Nipple 2.0mm (BC)