Finish Line Starter Kit 1-2-3

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This set contains everything you need for the professional care of your chain. The following articles are included:

Grunge brush cleaning brush
With the help of this brush, chain cleaning is child's play. Spray the grunge brush with a little cleaner and let the chain run through the bristles. The elongated bristles can also be used to clean the sprocket block or chainrings.

120 ml EcoTech degreaser:
This biodegradable degreaser is suitable for all parts on the bike. It dissolves fats and oils, but does not attack rubber and plastic. At the same time, it provides basic protection against corrosion and rust and gives metal parts a shiny surface. For less soiled parts, it can be diluted with water.

60 ml Teflon dry lubricant
Whether chain, Bowden cables or locking cylinders - this universal lubricant should not be missing in any workshop. The Teflon particles contained therein reduce friction, prevent corrosion and prevent dust or dirt from being attracted again.

Technical specifications:

intended use : chain cleaning, chain care
Properties: dirt-releasing, corrosion protection, lubricant
Container: dropper bottle
Dangerous goods: irritant, do not drink and avoid eye contact, flammable
Condition: liquid
Equipment: -
Capacity: 60 ml (Teflon dry lubricant), 120 ml (EcoTech bicycle degreaser)

Weight: 263 g
Finish Line Starter Kit 1-2-3
Finish Line Starter Kit 1-2-3
Finish Line Starter Kit 1-2-3