Schwalbe Tube No. 12A for 26" Tyres

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Application: MTB
Tyre Size: 26 x 1.00 to 26 x 1.50
ETRTO: 25-559 to 40-559
Valve Length: 40 mm

Matching Sizes (ETRTO):

- 26 x 1.00 (25-559)
- 26 x 1.10 (28-559)
- 26 x 1 1/4 (32-559)
- 26 x 1.35 (35-559)
- 26 x 1.40 (37-559)
- 26 x 1.50 (40-559)


Version 26x1.125-1.4 Schrader 40 mm
- Valve: Schrader
- Manufacturer Part Number: 10432340

Version 26x1.125-1.4 Presta 40 mm
- Valve: Presta
- Manufacturer Part Number: 10432343

Valve Information

Tubes are available with various valve types. Choosing a valve is dependent on application and the rim's valve hole diameter.

Schrader Valve:
- Synonyms: Auto Valve (AV)
- Outer Diameter: 8.5 mm

Presta Valve:
- Synonyms: Sclaverand-Valve (SV), French Valve
- Outer Diameter: 6.5 mm
- Other: All Schwalbe tubes with a Presta valve can be unscrewed. (To lengthen the valve, add anti-flat agents, etc.)


The quality of the ingredients and the purity of the rubber compound is decisive for the quality of the tube. Before extrusion, the basic material is forced through a total of seven filters under enormous pressure. All tubes are inserted and inflated into a mold for the vulcanization process. Only this ensures an even wall thickness and high air retention.

Consistent quality control brings with it the security of use: each tube is inflated at the factory and stored under pressure for 24 hours in order to test the air retention.

Group Tube System
The high elasticity and quality material used in Schwalbe tubes allows a great many tyre sizes to be covered. For example tube no. 17 fits section widths from 28 mm up to 47 mm. Only an extremely high-quality and reliable tube is up to this requirement.


- 1 x Schwalbe no. 12A tube


  • universal/26x1.0-1.5 Presta 40 mm: -
  • universal/26x1.0-1.5 Schrader 40 mm: 120 g
Schwalbe Tube No. 12A for 26" Tyres