Vittoria Universal Tubeless Tire Sealant

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VITTORIA Sealing Milk Universal Tire Sealant | 250 / 80 ML
Vittoria's Universal Tubeless Tire Sealant is the universal tire sealant for racing bikes and MTB tubeless tires. It meets the needs of bikers no matter what type of bike they ride. The secret lies in the liquid base, which is thin enough to reach and seal even the smallest punctures quickly and effectively. Within this base are sealing particles that close the smallest punctures and seal larger ones in a short time.
In tests, Vittoria's new Universal Tubeless Tire Sealant immediately sealed punctures of up to 7 mm and ensured an excellent seal for the tire over a mileage of up to 1200 km. The formula is ammonia-free, which prevents the sealant from damaging the tire or rim, and is also suitable for use in combination with puncture protectors such as the Vittoria Air-Liner.

Technical specifications:

Sealing: easily seals large punctures up to 7 mm (MTB) or 5 mm (racing bike)
Compatibility: with most common MTB / Road TLR tires and rim combinations
Tire / rim compatibility: free of ammonia and natural latex
Dwell time in the tire: 3-5 months
Minimum capacity per tire: 80 ml MTB, 40 ml racing bike
Temperature range: does not freeze even below -15 °
Miscibility: n / a
Contents: 250 / 80 ML

Weight according to the manufacturer: n / a
Weight weighed: 318g

Scope of delivery: 1x VITTORIA Sealing Milk Universal Tire Sealant | 250 ml, with filling aid

Vittoria Universal Tubeless Tire Sealant
Vittoria Universal Tubeless Tire Sealant