Yuzhijie Helmet Lock

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Product description

Color:T520 Bk

Material: Zinc alloy
weight: About 45g
Size: About 90cm(Stretchable)
Color: Red,Green,white,Black

Product Features
Ultralight: about 45g
Portable: Small size and easy to carry
Alloy lock body is wear-resistant and easy to lock
Elastic stretch PVC wrap,can lock the helmet, Moto,bikes

Portable mini Password Bike Lock
Portable, Ultraight,Alloy Material

Product details

Small size and easy to carry
When going out, can put into the pocket, bag or wrap around the bike at will

Easier to carry
The single lock weighs only about 45g and is more portable

Alloy lock body is wear-resistant and easy to lock
If the password is correct, press lightly to unlock

Elastic stretch PVC wrap
Changeable use where to lock where to lock

About 90cm(Stretchable)

4 Colors

How to change password
1.lnitial password is 000;
2.Press the small circle at thebottom to start changingthe password;
3.Keep pressing the smallcircle at the bottom, turn the wheel to set the password;
4.Release the small circleThe password settingis complete.

Yuzhijie Helmet Lock