Body Geometry Fit

Store Here at Muscat Bikes, our goal is to keep you riding your bike. As your local bike shop, we offer a trained staff of  Body Geometry Fit, trained by experts, who can tailor your bike to fit you. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist, casual rider or commuter, we offer a fit process that allows you to become one with your bike. Our fitters will give you the most complete and up to date fitting methods and tools used in the industry.

 Our Fit Philosophy

  We firmly believe that you should be able to ride your bike comfortably and pain free while still being able to meet your cycling goals.


We have industry's best bike fitting technology " SMARTFIT", with high-precision laser measurement. Ergonomic consultation and bike fitting for the cycle enables a non-contact body scan and high-precision bike measurement by means of laser technology. 


 Body Geometry Fit: 30 min to 2 Hrs for pro fitting#

(Road, Cyclocross, MTB, & Fitness)



Rider Interview
Your Fit specialist will initially want to get to know you as a rider. You will discuss injury history, riding experience, current issues, and aspirations before beginning to analyze your position.


  • Comprehensive Physical and Flexibility Assessment
  • Saddle Selection
  • Optimized Saddle Position
  • Handlebar Selection (Width, Reach, Drop Shape)
  • Preferred experience
  • Handlebar Rotation and Shifter Placement


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