LEZYNE CLASSIC KIT BOX Tire repair patches

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LEZYNE Classic Kit repair kit

Lezyne Classic Kit, the quick and cheap help with an unwanted bike plates. The traditional tube repair kit with repair glue, patches and muzzles in a handy plastic box. The enclosed tire patch perfectly complements the extensive kit and allows you to continue driving even if the side walls or larger holes in the tire's tread are damaged.

Technical specifications:

Material: plastic, rubber, metal
Compatibility: Butyl hoses
Storage: plastic box
Color: transparent, white, black, brown, silver

Weight: 29g (complete, self weighed)

1x repair glue (7cc tube)
Mend 6x round tube
Mate 2x oval tube
1x tire patch "Tire Boot"
1x roughening aid
1x plastic box

LEZYNE CLASSIC KIT BOX Tire repair patches