SwissStop Catalyst Pro Disc Rotor Centerlock - 160MM

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SwissStop CATALYST PRO Disc Rotor - Centerlock

CATALYST - New design, better performance!

The SwissStop CATALYST rotor ensures powerful braking and high durability. It is available in different sizes and suitable for all applications from road to cyclocross cross, cross country and downhill. Thanks to rounded outer edges, the brake discs are UCI approved for road racing. 3 small holes per rotor side indicate when the brake disc should be replaced. Compatible with all organic and sintered brake pads. Optimized performance with SwissStop EXOTherm2.

Highlights of the SwissStop CATALYST brake disc

  • For Centerlock Brake disc mounting
  • Optimal heat dissipation
  • Reliable performance from Cyclocross to Downhill
  • Long life, even under the most adverse conditions
  • UCI approved
  • Wear indicators
  • Compatible with organic brake pads
  • Best performance with SwissStop EXOTherm2


SwissStop Catalyst Pro Disc Rotor Centerlock - 160MM